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There used to be a time when the trading business was limited to a certain group of people and families. These groups passed their trade businesses generation to generation. This meant that no common person had access to these trades. […]

There used to be a time when the trading business was limited to a certain group of people and families. These groups passed their trade businesses generation to generation. This meant that no common person had access to these trades. Then the online trading industry was introduced and almost all trades became accessible. Soon the introduced flourished and grew enormous. However, majority of the online trading exchanges did not offer standard-level services to investors, and the same dilemma is ongoing. However, GlobalTrading26 is an exchange that can be trusted, so I will give you the reasons in my GlobalTrading26 review so you can decided whether I am right or wrong.

How GlobalTrading26 can be Trusted?

I will not beat around the bush and will get straight to the point why GlobalTrading26 can be trusted and what distinguishes the exchange from others. By now, you must have realized that majority of the online exchanges seem to offer better benefits and profits than each other. Surprisingly, most of the times, these exchanges lie to get your attention and tempt you to make huge deposits with hopes of huge gains. Later, you are only left regretting that you ever trust in such exchanges.

On the other hand, GlobalTrading26 does not make any claims. What it claims and promises is to empower you, and equip you with so much knowledge, that you never have to be dependent on anyone ever again. The exchange aims to turn your trades into the best trading experience where you not only make profits, but also gain tremendous amount of knowledge. Simply put, GlobalTrading26 is customer-oriented exchange and not an investment-centric platform created to deprive people of their savings.

Trading Accounts Offered by GlobalTrading26 are Mind Blowing

If you thought that the above statement was just a show, then you are about to be blown away with this information. You will be surprised to know that GlobalTrading26 offers you five different trading accounts that you can choose to trade with. The reason behind providing five accounts is to keep you provided with enough services/benefits that you never find yourself out of options. Each account caters to your trading experience and focuses on boosting the potential of your trading capabilities by polishing them with unique services.

As of now, GlobalTrading26 is providing you with accounts starting from silver, all the way up to diamond, and then an extra account titled “VIP”. Each account represents different trading experience and number of services/features it offers based on your trading expertise. Each account has different minimum deposit requirement starting from €10,001 and going all the way up to €500,000.

These Services are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

If you start trading from silver account and progress all the way to VIP account, you would be able to tell how many new services you gained access to per account upgrade.

However, there are specific services you would have access to whether you have silver trading account or VIP trading account. These services include welcome credit, monthly cashback, daily market reviews, monthly exposure, leverage trading, trading signals, trading alerts, managed sessions, and so much more.

Trading Instruments are Also Many

Even the online trading assets GlobalTrading26 offers are more than one. The major online trading instruments offered by GlobalTrading26 include forex, indices, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. It depends on what the asset you decide, you will have full support from GlobalTrading26’s expert teams. The will make sure you are provided with best business advice, guidance, and make sure your decisions are calculated.

Deposit and Withdrawal are Simple at GlobalTrading26

In terms of deposits, GlobalTrading26 allows you to do it either via bank wire, credit/debit card, and  bitcoin wallet transfer. The minimum deposit at GlobalTrading26 is €10,001 and reflects into your GlobalTrading26 account depending on the payment method.

In terms of withdrawals, GlobalTrading 26 allows you withdrawal the money through same method you use to make deposit. The minimum withdrawal amount at GlobalTrading26 is €100 and the teams at the exchange try to make it happen within 24 hours.

What is the Significance of being regulated?

In the current times when the regulatory authorities are extremely strict about regulatory compliance, not being adherent would only make the situation worse for an online trading exchange.

By doing this, an exchange not only puts its own reputation and funds on the online, but does the same for investors. If an exchange, which is not adherent to compliance, ends up getting closed, it may also result in investors losing all their funds to the exchange.

This is the reason why GlobalTrading26 adheres to regulatory policies that include AML and KYC. This means that the exchange is safe and protected from any regulatory breaching risks. For the exchange, the regulatory adherence is one of the major components that it aims to keep intact while operating.

GlobalTrading26 Provides You Support in Three Different Ways

The customer support offered by GlobalTrading26 is professional, experienced, friendly, and to the point. The teams at GlobalTrading26 are available 24/5 and offer their services in the most professional way. They are always available to provide a solution to your problem and help you understand a situation, if you are getting impatient or concerned.

The support can be reached out at any time from Monday to Friday and you can do it either via phone, chat, or email. The choice is yours but you will be surprised to experience how professional as well as friendly the reps at GlobalTrading26 service centers are.

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